The 60 Minute Walk

  • $20 Per Walk | $17 Multiple Daily

  • $18 Multiple Family Dogs (addition $4 per family dog, max 3 per group)

  • Special Rates For Weekly Clients

Just like people, dogs are individuals.  As a species, they have an instinctive compulsion to gather with other dogs.. However, new research shows some dogs prefer the company of human beings instead of other dogs.  According to studies the most devastating punishment for a dog is to force them to be alone watching the world go by, sentenced to a life behind a fence, in a kennel or long hours with no mental stimulation or enrichment. A lone dog may be anxious or uneasy.  It’s just not a natural state for members of the canine species.

Group Walks

  • $18 (no more than 3 dogs per pack)

  • Special Rates For Weekly Clients

Dogs are pack animals. Dogs enjoy socializing and the group walk provides a controlled social opportunity that is a natural state for a dog as dogs are pack animals by their nature. Group walks include no more than 3 dogs. They are grouped according to size and personality. We do not accept aggressive dog breeds.  An introduction is provided at no cost to you and dogs are only walked together when a bond is formed through a proper and supervised introduction.

Each dog is on his/her own leash allowing personal freedom.  The length of the leash is 16 ft. so each individual can feel the freedom to investigate without being pulled by another dog.  Group walks are available only to regular clients as dog introductions and bonding with the group is required. Group walks are discounted and provide the socialization that dogs need yet allow each individual to explore what they choose.

Pet Taxi

  • $17 Per Hour

Hey Buddy, Shall We Walk provides services to take your pet to necessary appointments like to the vet,  We provide not only the transportation but the wait time for the completion of the doctor's appointment.

Shopping for your pet is also included in our services, Life is so much easier when some of your errands like grooming or picking up food are handled, allowing you more personal freedom.

You Have Choices

  • Ask about custom experiences

We provide a variety of experiences including choices of packages ranging from walking solo or group to backyard playtime, trail hiking, water play, jogging and just hanging out for the day when your on vacation.

Pet Sitting

  • Overnight $50 Your House

  • Overnight $40 My House

  • $30 Evening Visit (8pm - 10pm)

You have choices for vacation time.  Instead of thinking about boarding your dog or cat please consider the services of Hey Buddy Shall We Walk.  Look through your pet’s eyes. A cage is a cage whether it’s called a pet suite or kennel. Why not allow us to provide walks, evening visits or overnight stays.  Your pet is much more comfortable staying at home. If you choose your pet can stay in our home and enjoy the freedom of not being locked in a cage but instead enjoy a fenced yard with the choice of coming in the house or cruising the back fenced yard enjoying family time.


The Doggie Daycare culture is a mixed bag filled with man uncertainties.  According to numerous dog trainers and veterinarians, this environment can encourage bad behaviors as well as care concerns and behavior changes   Attached is an article that I believe gives a clear picture of many of the uncertainties I have addressed.

I would encourage you to replace your doggie daycare routine with a Hey Buddy Shall We Walk twice a day. Your dog can join a controlled group and get the social interactions it needs and yet be able to be comfortable to relax and rest up.  Look through your dog’s eyes would you enjoy being on guard with all kinds of personalities? The answer is only if you are the dominant dog.


Give Your Pet The Very Best!